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Name: Moe, the chubby unicorn
Age: 3 (that is 28 in Unicorn years)
Hobbies: Reading, playing video games, taking my dog for long walks in the park, napping
About you: 


Food: Cheese (Any), Pizza (Four Cheese or Pepperoni), Pasta (any really), Pesto (Green and Red), Lasagne 
Sweet: Nougat / Praline Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Biscuits, Yogurt Chocolate 
Drink: Chocolate Milk, Strawberry Flavoured Water, Pina Colada, Gin & Tonic, Cinzano Asti 
Movie: Jumanji, Hook
TV Show: Friends, Seinfeld, Brooklyn 99, Arrested Development (Season 1-3), Community, Lost
Music: A great mix - Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra, Motown, Imagine Dragons, Lonely Island, Ylvis, Twenty One Pilots
Person: My husband & my dog who is more person than most people
Animal: Quokka 

Five things I would take on an island: My kindle, fleece socks, my engagement/wedding ring (that counts as one, right?), my GPD and my dog's favourite chew toy called Snoopy

Five people I would like to have dinner with, alive or dead: My mom (who passed away in 2012), John Stamos (because he is hot), Michael Jackson, Louis Thereaux and Princess Diana 


Why do you have this blog?
One day I woke up and thought: You know what I should do? Start a blog. I know there are hundreds out there. But I also know I am good at what I am doing. It was the first time in my life I actually believed in myself. And I still do. And it feels great. 

Did you find something on the blog that doesn't belong here?
I try to avoid stealing pictures, but rather use screenshots or free stock photos. However, once in a while pictures will slip through. Please get in touch and I will remove them immediately.

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